Nicki Minaj had one of the biggest hits of the decade with “Starships,” but now that EDM is no longer the trend du jour, she’s dropping the genre completely for her upcoming album, The Pinkprint.

“No, no, not much electronic [sounds],” said Nicki after being asked if The Pinkprint would contain any of her signature EDM tracks. “This is different from the second album.”

However, Her Minajesty did promise that The Pinkprint will contain tracks we can dance to, they just won’t be the kind of RedOne euro-pop that we’ve heard from her before.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say dance music, but there will be music that you will dance to. There will be some fun stuff.”

If by songs we can dance to Nicki means retro “Anaconda” hip-pop, then I’m just gonna go and pre-order The Pinkprint right now.

R.I.P. “Starships.”



Via Popdust